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National Virtual Vacation Day!

Today we celebrate a fun way of going on vacation, by doing a so-called Virtual Vacation.  This day is observed annually on March 30th.

In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, everything is canceled like your schedule vacation.  Everyone or almost every affected area is mandated to stay home to avoid spreading the virus.

This day is officially dedicated to all the people who are spending time at home to spend family together and give time to their family even in the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual vacation means going on vacation without needing to pack your bags and rush to the airport before the gate closes or getting seasick on a cruise ship.  A vacation that doesn’t involve spending money.  You can go anywhere your heart’s desire, “virtually”.  You can take the Safari tour, you can go surfing in the high waves in Australia, you can dance the Hawaiian while eating pig roast.  You can go skydiving or climb Mount Everest.

Spending time with your family together and at home doesn’t have to be boring.  You can do anything you desire and it is all up to you, the sky is the limit.  You can travel the world, enjoy all the virtual adventures from the comfort of your home using the latest VR you have.  Virtual reality or VR is a headset that makes the experience feel like reality.

So today, celebrate this day and have fun.   Spend quality time with your family and have fun! Share on social media your experience using #VirtualVacationDay.