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National Tortellini Day!

Today we celebrate another pasta favorite, it’s National Tortellini Day.  This day is observed annually on Feb 13th.

Tortellini is a type of pasta stuffed with meat like pork loin and prosciutto or with cheese.  It is usually served in chicken broth or sometimes with tomato sauce.  Tortellini is a type of pasta in a ring-shaped, sometimes also described as “navel-shaped” because it looks like a “belly button”.

Tortellini are originally from the Italian region of Emilia.  They are usually sold fresh or home-made in the area of origin, or industrially packed, dried and refrigerated.  Nowadays, you can buy a pack of tortellini in groceries in various forms especially where there is a big population of Italian communities.

So, today, celebrate this day by having some Tortellini soup since the weather is cold.  So, grab yourself some pack of Tortellini and make some warm soup with your favorite broth.  Share on social media some recipe using #TortelliniDay.

1998 Downhill skier Hermann Maier crashes in Olympics

Austrian ski racer Hermann Maier makes one of the most dramatic crashes in skiing history when he catapults 30 feet in the air, lands on his helmet and rams through two safety fences at an estimated 80 miles per hour on February 13, 1998. Amazingly, Maier suffered just minor injuries and walked away from the crash. Several days later, he won gold medals in the giant slalom and super-G events.

Maier was born December 7, 1972, in Altenmarkt, Austria. As a boy, he was trained by his father, a ski racer and ski school owner. As a teen, Maier was recruited to attend the Austrian national ski academy; however, he was sent home after a year and told he had no future as a professional skier because of his small size. Maier later became a bricklayer and taught skiing at his father’s school in Flachau, Austria. He competed in regional competitions before eventually earning a spot on Austria’s elite national team. Maier won his first World Cup race, a super-G, in February 1997 and began his domination of the skiing world the following season.

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