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National Shoe The World Day!

Today, we celebrate this day to raise awareness about giving shoes to those who can’t afford it.  This is observed annually on March 15th.

There are many poor countries that children don’t wear or even have a pair of shoes.  This day is created to make everyone across the nation give help to those people around the world that do not have shoes to wear, even just for their daily wear.

Each day, millions of children, teens, including adults around the world do not have a pair of shoes.  They walked barefoot everywhere despite the condition of the weather.  Imagine yourself living without protection on your feet, I can’t.  Not wearing shoes can lead to a lifetime of problems which include pain, injury, infections, parasites.

In some countries, few are fortunate enough to have one pair of shoes, and some reserve it to wear on special occasions.  In some countries, having a shoe is a luxury, that is why some children go to school barefoot, and not having the proper footwear and it affects their health and education.

So, today, we can join the world in raising awareness, to help those people.  You find shopping places that donate shoes to a charity like visiting to donate a shoe.  You can also buy shoes from goodwill if you don’t have a pair to spare and donate them to Soles4Souls.  Donating a shoe to their campaign, new or gently-worn shoes helps them raise money to provide meals for families.  Make an impact by donating your gently-worn shoes.  One way of giving love is by giving a pair of shoes to help a soul in need.