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National Pickle Day!

Today we celebrate a favorite side dish or add-on for any meals, the Pickles.  This day is observed annually on November 14th.

Who doesn’t love the sweet, tart, sometimes spicy pickles? I guess you are missing out.  I love pickles especially garlic Dill pickles often called Kosher-style Dill pickles which are really easy to make.

Pickles are cucumber in brine.  Gherkin is a variety of cucumber which are somewhat smaller than a regular cucumber.  Cornichons are tart French pickles made from small gherkins pickled in vinegar and tarragon.  They are traditionally served with pates and cold cuts.

Bread-and-butter pickles are a marinated pickle produced with sliced cucumbers I a solution of vinegar, sugar, and spices which may be processed either by canning or simply chilled in the refrigerator.

In the United States, pickles are often served as a side dish accompanying meals.  It is sometimes used as a condiment on a hamburger or other sandwiches in slice form, or on a sausage or hot dog in a chopped form called pickle relish.

Nowadays pickles are not just made of cucumbers.  There are a variety of vegetables that can be pickled like bell peppers, beets, carrots or cabbage, sometimes mixed beans, and string beans.

I love to eat pickled vegetables with a meal like fried fish or chicken.  In the Philippines, a popular side dish pickles are made from grated papaya which has a native name called Atchara.  It is normally served with fried food or grilled food like pork barbeque.

Aside from garlic pickles, one of my favorites is pickled beet eggs.  They are made from hard-boiled eggs that are cured in the brine of beets, consisting of beet juice, vinegar, sugar, cloves, and other spices.

So, celebrate this day by eating your favorite type of pickles served as a side for your meal or hamburger.  You can also make some Ham Salad for a sandwich with some pickled relish to give it a tart, tangy, sweet taste.  Share on social media your favorite type of pickles using #PickleDay.

1965 Major battle erupts in the La Drang Valley

In the first major engagement of the war between regular U.S. and North Vietnamese forces, elements of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) fight a pitched battle with Communist main-force units in the Ia Drang Valley of the Central Highlands.

On this morning, Lt. Col. Harold G. Moore’s 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry conducted a heliborne assault into Landing Zone X-Ray near the Chu Pong hills. Around noon, the North Vietnamese 33rd Regiment attacked the U.S. troopers. The fight continued all day and into the night. American soldiers received support from nearby artillery units and tactical airstrikes. The next morning, the North Vietnamese 66th Regiment joined the attack against the U.S. unit. The fighting was bitter, but the tactical airstrikes and artillery support took their toll on the enemy and enabled the 1st Cavalry troopers to hold on against repeated assaults.

At around noon, two reinforcing companies arrived and Colonel Moore put them to good use to assist his beleaguered soldiers. By the third day of the battle, the Americans had gained the upper hand. The three-day battle resulted in 834 North Vietnamese soldiers confirmed killed, and another 1,000 communist casualties were assumed.

(excerpted from

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