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National Panda Day!

Today we celebrate National Panda Day.  This day is observed annually on March 16th.

National Panda Day raises an effort to bring awareness in protecting and restoring habitat.  The shrinking habitat of Panda is a major cause of concern in China.  Every year, Panda Day plays host to a whole day dedicated to the adorable Giant Pandas!   A day to commit and spread awareness for the need to protect these animals who are listed as endangered species.  If Pandas have a chance of recovering from their current state, conservation efforts must be increased to achieve it.

Over the years, awareness of the Panda’s protected status and laws in China has expanded, and things have become much stricter.  There are less than 2,000 Giant Pandas left in the wild which puts them at a vulnerable risk of becoming extinct.

There are many ways to celebrate this day and raise awareness like wearing a Panda outfit to show your support.  Sell stuff with the Panda theme in your community to raise money and be donated to the cause.  The money that is raised can go for research and monitoring work for caring for the Pandas.