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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Today we celebrate a simple, delightful frozen dessert. It is National Ice Sandwich Day!

A frozen snack, sandwiched between two layers of cookies or biscuits bringing a satisfying combination of rich, creamy ice cream inside and a delightful chewy outer layer enjoyed by people of all ages.

Here in the United States, the popular ice cream sandwich Klondike was created in 1922 by the Isaly Dairy Company based in Mansfield, Ohio, that operated in several states across the Midwest and Northeastern United States.

Klondike bar features a square-shaped block of ice cream coated in a thin layer of chocolate, and thru the years, it has evolved, which come in various flavors and coatings, with a wide range of choices for ice cream lovers.

Who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich? It is versatile, with different flavors to choose from, wrapped in various types of cookies or wafers, my favorite is the mint chocolate chip ice cream between chocolate chip cookies, but no worries, there are many ice cream sandwich flavors to suit everyone’s preference.

So, today, celebrate this day by creating some ice cream sandwiches, creating a fun twist flavor, creating your unique coatings, putting some sprinkles or nuts on the inside, and adding an extra layer of flavor, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy your ice cream sandwich perfect for this hot summertime.