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National Grain-Free Day!

Today, we celebrate Grain-Free Day.  This day is observed annually on February 21st.

A grain-free diet is a diet trend like the Paleo or Keto for people who wanted to lose weight or for health reasons.  Grains are one of the staple ingredients in the western diet.  Foods like pasta, rice, bread, and cereal are foods that have grains.  If you start a grain-free diet, that means you are not supposed to eat foods that contain grains which is very hard if you’re a person who loves bread for example, because this contains carbohydrates and it is one of the culprits of gaining weight.

Some types of grains had been linked to inflammation, that is why some people try to avoid grains due to some health issues, for example, the leaky gut.  Some people are sensitive to gluten-containing foods that is why they avoid eating grains and go for grain-free foods.  Switching to grain-free can eliminate inflammation besides balancing the guts microbiomes.  Others just switch to a grain-free diet to reduce calorie intake when they want to lose weight because grains can be calorie-dense food.

There are some benefits and side-effects of eliminating grain-free on your diet.  If you are thinking of switching to a grain-free diet due to health issues, do your research.  Just remember the pros and cons of switching to grain-free, so do your research.

Nowadays, you can find foods in the market that is labeled “grain-free”, but do your research, read the label, sometimes is it just a way a product is marketed but the ingredients are not what it claims.

Today, you can also find pet foods that are labeled “grain-free” which people are switching to grain-free dog food thinking it is better for their fur babies, but lately, there has been some food recalls and talks that grain-free is not actually good for our pets due to related issue affecting their heart.

That is why, whether is for yourself or for your fur babies, doing research is the best option before switching to grain-free.  I am not a health expert, so do your own research.  So, today celebrate this day by raising awareness about the good and bad of “grain-free” foods.  Share on social media your opinions about grain-free food using #GrainFreeDay.

1981 Dolly Parton cements her crossover success as “9 to 5” hits #1

In 1980, Dolly Parton brought the full range of her talents to bear on a project that would cement her crossover from country music to mainstream superstardom. That project was the movie 9 to 5, for which Dolly wrote and performed the song that earned her both Oscar and Grammy nominations as well as semi-official status as a true pop icon. The biggest hit of Dolly Parton’s career, the song “9 to 5″reached #1 on the pop charts on February 21, 1981.

In addition to writing and singing the theme song, Dolly also acted in 9 to 5, playing the role of a secretary prejudged on looks alone not only by her sleazy male boss, played deliciously by Dabney Coleman, but also by her female colleagues, played by Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. The role played very much on the image that Dolly created and toyed within the real world: that of the apparent blonde bimbo. The wigs, the accent, the outfits and—it must be said—the famously ample bosom, were a significant part of Dolly’s public persona, as was her eagerness to make fun of her own image; “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap” was her most famous self-deprecating wisecrack. All of it helped make Dolly Parton a hugely famous and wildly popular personality from the early 80s onward, yet it didn’t hint at the decade of brilliant musical achievement that preceded this phase of Dolly’s life.

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