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National Cranberry Relish Day!

TODAY we celebrate a side dish that is always served during Thanksgiving dinner, a delicious Cranberry Relish.

Thanksgiving Day is next week and everyone is busy shopping and thinking of what to prepare for their Thanksgiving dinner.  We usually serve different types of side dishes to serve with that roasted turkey for dinner every year and one of them is Cranberry relish or sauce.

During Thanksgiving, I usually make my special recipe called the “Stuffed Cranberry” and it consists of cranberry jelly slices with cream cheese and pecan fillings.  It may be different from the usual cranberry sides you will find on any Thanksgiving table but everyone loves it.

Cranberry relish is a delightful and versatile condiment that adds a burst of color and flavor to a variety of dishes. Typically made from fresh cranberries, sugar, and additional ingredients for complexity, cranberry relish is known for its sweet and tart profile, making it a popular accompaniment to various meals, especially during the Thanksgiving season.

Here’s a recipe you can use for cranberry relish:

1. **Ingredients:**
– **Fresh Cranberries:** These tiny, red berries are the star of the show, providing a vibrant color and tartness.
– **Sugar:** To balance the tartness of the cranberries and add sweetness.
– **Additional Fruits:** Many cranberry relish recipes include other fruits such as oranges, apples, or pineapple. These fruits contribute sweetness, acidity, and texture to the relish.

2. **Preparation:**
– Cranberry relish is relatively easy to prepare. The fresh cranberries are typically washed and combined with sugar and other fruits in a food processor. The mixture is then pulsed until it reaches the desired consistency.
– Some recipes involve cooking the cranberries on the stovetop to soften them and allow the flavors to meld. Others prefer a raw cranberry relish for a fresher, more vibrant taste.

3. **Variations:**
– There are numerous variations of cranberry relish, allowing for creativity in the kitchen. Some recipes might include nuts, such as pecans or walnuts, for added crunch. Others may incorporate spices like cinnamon or ginger to enhance the flavor profile.

4. **Uses:**
– Cranberry relish is a versatile condiment that complements a range of dishes. It is a classic side dish during Thanksgiving, often served alongside turkey, but it can also be paired with chicken, pork, or even as a topping for sandwiches.
– Beyond savory dishes, cranberry relish can be a delightful addition to desserts, serving as a topping for cheesecake or a mix-in for yogurt or oatmeal.

5. **Health Benefits:**
– Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, making cranberry relish not only a tasty addition to meals but also a potentially nutritious one.

6. **Seasonal Favorite:**
– While cranberry relish is enjoyed throughout the year, it is particularly popular during the fall and winter months, aligning with the harvest season of fresh cranberries.

Whether you prefer it as a tangy side dish or a sweet topping, cranberry relish adds a burst of flavor and a festive touch to a variety of culinary creations. Its versatility and bright, zesty taste make it a staple in many holiday celebrations.   So, today, celebrate this day by gathering your recipe for Cranberry Relish to make for your Thanksgiving dinner and serve with that delicious turkey.  Share on social media a recipe using #CranberryRelishDay.

History Throwback!

TODAY in 2005 Angela Merkel became Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany on November 22, 2005. The first woman to hold the position, Merkel emerged as one of the strongest forces in European politics over the subsequent decade. She has frequently been called the most powerful woman in the world and the de facto leader of the European Union.

Merkel was raised and educated in East Germany. She earned a doctorate in quantum chemistry and worked as a research scientist, only entering politics after the fall of the Berlin Wall. After serving as a spokesperson for the caretaker East German government, she was elected to the Bundestag in the first election after unification in 1990. Helmut Kohl, the first chancellor of the reunified state, appointed her to successive cabinet positions and championed her career. When Kohl’s Christian Democratic Union was voted out in 1998, Merkel became the party’s Secretary-General and then its Leader. After a tight election and two weeks of negotiations with the CDU’s coalition partners, Merkel became Chancellor in 2005.

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