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National Corn Fritters Day!

TODAY we celebrate a culinary delight with the natural sweetness of corn and satisfying crunch: It’s National Corn Fritters Day!

Corn fritters are a delicious and crispy fried dish made from a batter-like pancake that is mixed with corn kernels and cooked just like a pancake. Its history traces way back to traditional American and Southern cooking and has evolved into a versatile dish, that some restaurants even include to their menus.

The batter corn mixed is dropped by a spoonful into hot oil and fried just like a pancake until golden brown and crispy outside. Making a delightfully crunchy exterior, with a soft inside bursting with sweet corn flavor.

They can be enjoyed as an appetizer, a side dish, or as a tasty breakfast option and sometimes serve with a dipping sauce, such as spicy aioli or tangy barbecue sauce, to complement the savory sweetness of the fritters.

Corn fritters are delicious on their own, but you can always get creative with additional ingredients like adding diced bell peppers for color and flavor, scallions for extra freshness, or even crumbled bacon for a savory twist. The possibilities are endless!

Overall, corn fritters are just delightful and delicious, So, today, let’s celebrate this day by making your own version, Bon Appetite!