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National Cereal Day!

Today we celebrate National Cereal Day.  This day is observed annually on March 7th.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the easiest way to have it without too much clean up is having a bowl of cereal.  The question is, is it healthy tho?  Cereal is made of grains, such as wheat, barley, oats, or corn.  In the 19th century cereal refers to breakfast cereal in the United States and is the most popular easy breakfast eaten every day.

My favorite all-time cereal is Oatmeal.  A natural, unprocessed whole grain form a rich source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats oils, and protein. Some grains are deficient in essential amino acid, lysine.  Nowadays, there are many types of cereal in the market that you have to be aware of, not all of them claim to be really healthy and are loaded with artificial flavorings and sugar.

Cereals are popular with people who are vegetarians too because they get a balanced diet from combining grains with legumes.  The common combination used is lentils with rice by South Indians and the Bengalis, lentils with wheat in Pakistan and North India.  Other cultures including the Americas uses corn tortillas with beans, rice with tofu, and wheat bread with peanut butter.

The invention of the most famous cereal in 1877 was an accident by the two brothers named John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg.  They were experimenting with food made with boiled wheat and left a batch out overnight and returned to find it stale, and instead of throwing it out, they rolled it out and discovered that each wheat berry formed its own flake.  They tried the same process with corn and created the first dry breakfast cereal, which we now know as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

Most people eat real breakfast like eggs, bacon, and sausage every morning, but because of their busy schedule, they start their day with a bowl of cereal instead.  Families with children also love cereal because it is fast and convenient.  Nowadays, they’re a lot of variety of cereal that you can choose from, and every company is switching their cereals into wholegrain cereals because studies show they are an excellent source of fiber, iron and B vitamins.   But it is always good to read the labels and do your own research for the best cereal that will benefit you and not harm you.

So, today, if you eat breakfast, celebrate this day by having a bowl of your favorite cereal for breakfast, just make sure to choose the wholegrain cereal and not the ones that contain too much sugar.  Share on social media what is your favorite cereal using #CerealDay.

1777 Five letters pass between Abigail and John Adams

On March 7, 1777, Continental Congressman John Adams writes three letters to and receives two letters from his wife, Abigail. He is with Congress in Philadelphia, while she maintains their farm in Braintree, Massachusetts.

The remarkable correspondence between Abigail and John Adams—numbering 1,160 letters in total—covered topics ranging from politics and military strategy to household economy and family health. Their mutual respect and adoration served as evidence that even in an age when women were unable to vote, there were nonetheless marriages in which wives and husbands were true intellectual and emotional equals.

In the second letter John drafted to Abigail on March 7, he declared that Philadelphia had lost its vibrancy during Congress’ removal to Baltimore. “This City is a dull Place, in Comparison [sic] of what it was. More than one half the Inhabitants have removed to the Country, as it was their Wisdom to do—the Remainder is chiefly Quakers as dull as Beetles. From these neither good is to be expected nor Evil to be apprehended. They are a kind of neutral Tribe or the Race of the insipid.”

(excerpted from