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National Bobblehead Day!

Today we celebrate National Bobblehead Day and it is celebrated annually since 2015.  This day was developed by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.  Sports fans and collectors spend money on collectible bobblehead dolls of their favorite sports team athletes.

Bobblehead is also known as nodder, wobbler, a doll in which the head is often oversized compared to its body. The head is connected to the body by a spring which causes it to bobble when you tap it lightly and starts nodding, hence the name.

Bobbleheads are said to be around for over 100 years but the most famous bobblehead are those that depict the professional athletes and mascots by any sports team.  During the 17th-century figurines of Buddha, a religious figure called “temple nodders” were produced in Asia.

In the 1960s, Major League Baseball made their bobblehead dolls with Paper-Mache for each team and few of their selected popular players.  The World Series held during the 60s brought the first player-specific baseball bobbleheads for Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle Roger Maris, and Willie Mays.  The Beatles bobblehead set is a valuable collectible today.

Nowadays, a variety of bobbleheads has grown to include even relatively obscure popular culture figures and notable people.  Today, celebrate this day by showing off your collection of bobblehead dolls on social networks or head to National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum to witness the exhibits of the world’s largest collection of bobbleheads you can find.

So, today, celebrate this by showing off your collection of bobblehead and share on social media using #BobbleheadDay.

 1999 President Clinton’s impeachment trial begins

On January 7, 1999, the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, formally charged with lying under oath and obstructing justice, begins in the Senate. As instructed in Article 1 of the U.S. ConstitutionSupreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist was sworn in to preside, and the senators were sworn in as jurors. Congress had only attempted to remove a president on one other occasion: the 1868 impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, who incurred the Republican Party’s wrath after he proposed a conservative Reconstruction plan.

In November 1995, Clinton began an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a 21-year-old unpaid intern. Over a year and a half, the president and Lewinsky had nearly a dozen sexual encounters in the White House. In April 1996, Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon. That summer, she first confided in Pentagon co-worker Linda Tripp about her sexual relationship with the president. In 1997, with the relationship over, Tripp began secretly to record conversations with Lewinsky in which she gave details about the affair.

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