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National Bavaria Crêpes Day!

Today is National Bavarian Crêpes Day.  This day is observed annually on March 22nd.

I love crêpes for breakfast, especially with some Nutella and bananas.  But today is all about Bavarian Crêpes and I never tried one.   I tried to research about Bavarian Crêpes, but there is not much information out there.

I know Crêpes are like thin pancakes normally filled with your favorite fruits and some whipped cream or sometimes some Nutella.  My favorite is strawberry and bananas with Nutella, then drizzle with whipped cream on top.  But back to Bavarian Crêpes, I would think it is filled with Bavarian cream or is it the topping they use instead of whipped cream, I really don’t know.

Since I have not much to say about Bavarian Crêpes, just celebrate this day by making one if you find a recipe online, somehow you can find some recipe for a Bavarian Crêpes out there and try to make them just don’t forget to share on social media.