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National Baklava Day!

Today marks the celebration of a famous Turkish dessert, it is National Baklava Day!

Baklava, a favorite Turkish dessert that is a delectable flaky pastry sweet, consists of layered filo pastry filled with finely chopped nuts and adorned with a drizzle of syrup or honey. Although I have yet to savor this delightful treat, it is a customary holiday dessert, crafted with care and precision.

Believed to have originated in ancient history during the 8th century B.C., Baklava is often referred to as the ancient strudel in many countries. Its evolution has been shaped by various cultures, including Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and American.

Over the ages, Baklava recipes have undergone transformations, passed down through generations and traditionally served during festive occasions. If your palate appreciates the harmonious blend of honey, fruits, and nuts within the layers of a flaky dessert, Baklava is sure to capture your culinary heart.

Baklava has evolved into a multitude of delicious variations, each with its devoted following. When you indulge in this golden, succulent treat, take a moment to reflect on the rich Ottoman heritage woven into this delectable delicacy.

On this day, why not embrace the spirit and celebrate by exploring the art of making Baklava or you can always buy some to avoid the tedious process of making Baklava.  If you have a sweet tooth, give it a try and share your creations on social media with the hashtag #BaklavaDay. Let the world witness the beauty of your Baklava masterpiece!