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National Almond Day!

Today we celebrate one of my favorite nut that has a lot of benefits, the Almonds.  This day is observed annually on February 16th.

One of my favorite cookie that is made from Almond flour is the French Macarons.  They are sweet, light and delicious.  I also use love using Almond milk for my coffee or breakfast cereal.  Nowadays, you can enjoy almonds in different recipes like cookies, cake, marzipanchocolate covered almonds, torrone or macarons.  What is your favorite almond recipe?

Almonds are the second most popular nut after peanuts.  Eating them by themselves or using food made of almond bases like Almond milk or almond flour gives you all the health benefits it contains.  Almond belongs to the species of tree native to Mediterranean climate regions of the Middle East and Southern Asia.  Almond is also the name of the edible and widely cultivated seed of this tree.

Almonds have been so popular especially to vegans who are eliminating animal products on their diet by substituting Almond milk instead of cow’s milk.  Nowadays, you can find many products in the market containing the Almonds including milk, chocolate bar, yogurt made from Almond milk, Almond flour, Almond Butter, and many more.  It became so popular that it surpassed the popularity of Soy milk.

An ounce of almonds has 160 calories. Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E and magnesium and are a good source of protein and potassium. They also contain calcium, iron, fiber, and healthy monounsaturated fats. Almonds are considered good for the heart because they have potassium and are low in sodium, they also help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. The protein, fiber, and healthy fats help people control weight, by making you feel full longer after eating them refraining you to eat too much.

So, today, celebrate this day by using Almonds base products or snack on some almonds.  Share on social media some recipes with Almond using #AlmondDay.

1778 John Adams prepares to sail for France

On February 15, 1778, two future presidents of the United States, John Adams and his son, 10-year-old John Quincy Adams, sit in Marblehead Harbor, off the coast of Massachusetts, on board the frigate, Boston, which is to take them to France, where John Adams will replace Silas Deane in Congress’ commission to negotiate a treaty of alliance.

Silas Deane’s son, Jesse Deane, who was 11 or 12 years old, was also on board and bore a letter from his uncle requesting that Adams takes care of the child, whose Youth and Helplessness among such bad company would require “some friendly Monitor (sic) to caution, and keep him from associating with the common hands on board.”

Adam’s newfound role as pater familias expanded further with the delivery of a letter from William Vernon, Esquire, a member of the Continental Navy Board in Boston. Vernon’s son, a recent college graduate, was also on board the Boston. His father asked John Adams to find a merchant whom he could trust to educate his son in the business. Although sending him to a Catholic nation, the elder Vernon wished to see his son installed with a Protestant family of extensive Business in hopes that he “would hereafter be useful (sic) to Society, and in particular to these American States.”

(excerpted from