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International Stout Day!

Today we celebrate International Stout Day, a day for dark beer.  This day is observed annually on November 7th.

Stout is a dark, top-fermented beer with many variations, including dry stout, Baltic porter, milk stout, and imperial stout.  The name porter was first used in 1721 to describe a dark brown beer that had been made with roasted malts.  Because of the huge popularity for porters, brewers made them in a variety of strengths.  Stronger beers usually have 7% or 8% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Originally, the adjective stout means “proud” or “brave”, but after the 14th century, it took on the connotation of “Strong”.  Stout still meant only “strong” and it could be related to any kind of beer, as long as it was strong.

There are different types of stout beers, and among them are listed below:

  • Dry or Irish Stout —the standard stout; mainly was made in Ireland at beginning of 20th century; the best selling of all stouts is a dry stout—Guinness Draught
  • Milk Stout —contains lactose, which gives it a sweetness and adds body; popular in England after World War I.  Mackerson is a popular brand of Milk Stout.
  • Chocolate Stout —has a dark chocolate flavor that comes from using a darker malt with a strong aroma; sometimes the malt itself is called chocolate malt and is roasted until it has a chocolate color.
  • Oyster Stout—either made with a handful of oysters in a barrel or marketed as a stout that would go well with oysters.
  • Oatmeal Stout—has no more than 30% of oats added during the brewing process.  It is sweet and smooth.  Some have a very small amount of oats only used for marketing.
  • Imperial Stout—also known as Russian Imperial stout; strong dark stout
  • Baltic Porter—imperial stout that originated in the Baltic region, it has high alcohol content and is popular in Polish breweries

So, today, if you love to drink beer, celebrate this day by trying some dark beer or stout.  Share on social media your favorite dark beer using #InternationalStoutDay.

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