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Global Cat Day!

Today we celebrate awareness to care for feral cats.  This day is observed annually every year October 16th.

If you are a cat lover and have cats as you four-legged baby, celebrate them because it is Global Cat Day.  We need to raise awareness to save and protect not only dogs because there are many cats that need a home.  Shelters all over the world need help reduce the growing population of cats and be adopted and find a loving home too.  Most feral cats live and thrive in the outdoors and they need protection.

Alley Cat Allies launched an educational campaign around the world to protect the lives of all cats in all communities especially stray cats, and the best way to help them is to treat them with Trap-Neuter-Return or TNR process.  This process helps catch stray feral cats and first neuter or spay them and vaccinate them against rabies, then they put an ear tip identifier before sending them back in the outdoors.  The benefits are to stabilize the feral cat population, to lessen calls from our community about stray cats, and also reduces euthanizing cats in every shelter due to overpopulation and not being able to be adopted.

Cats are good and gentle house pets and many adopt cats from the shelter but what happens to the other cats that are not adopted and the stray cats?  They just roam around the outdoors with no permanent home and continues to grow in population because they are not spayed or neutered.

Alley Cat Allies started in 1990 with a colony of 54 cats living in alleys in the northwest Washington, D.C. Volunteers and Caregivers implemented the TNR program. Over time, the colony of cats declined naturally and humanely. Cats were welcomed in the neighborhood and cared for by many of the residents.  By the end of 2016, over 5,000 events have taken place since the inception of the day.

So, today, celebrate this day by raising awareness to reduce the population of cats in the streets and if you can adopt a cat, do so, to avoid overpopulation and euthanasia in shelters.  Check-in your local community if they have events for TNR or volunteer on some shelter to help cats be adopted and not be left behind to be killed.  Share awareness on social media using #GlobalCatDay.

1923 Walt Disney Company is founded

On October 16, 1923, Walt Disney and his brother Roy found the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in HollywoodCalifornia. The studio, now known as The Walt Disney Company, has had an oversized impact on the entertainment industry and is now one of the largest media companies in the world.

A talented artist from a young age, Walt Disney drew cartoons for various publications and became interested in cel animation while working for the Kansas City Film Ad Company. After his Laugh-O-Gram Studio went bankrupt in 1923, Walt moved to Los Angeles, where Roy was recovering from tuberculosis. While there, he finally sold a short film produced by Laugh-O-Gram, Alice’s Wonderland, and signed a contract to make six more such films. In order to produce the series, the brothers founded their company and persuaded both Virginia Davis, who played Alice, and their collaborator Ub Iwerks to join them in Hollywood.

After the success of the Alice Comedies and a series based on a character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Disney began work on his most famous creation. With the 1929 release of Steamboat Willie, the world was introduced to Mickey Mouse. The character would go on to become one of, if not the most recognizable cartoons in history.

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