About US

CelebrateWhat.com is a website who re-celebrate holidays that is sometimes not remembered or recognized by many.  In the world of the internet, everyone searches for almost everything, even students in school nowadays do research work using the internet. We know that there are ample websites out there in the world wide web discussing different holidays which to the truth of the matter many people don’t recognize. 

We at CelebrateWhat.com aims to gather some of them and discuss them to share and raise awareness for specific special holidays, moments and occasions from around the world that will help bring people together, and help everyone celebrate it and educate the children of our future to remember it.

CelebrateWhat.com is also a website who encourages to create different celebration in our life.  We encourage everyone to remember a simple celebration by making it memorable like Baby Showers, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas, Graduation Day, or anything you would like to be remember and memorable.

We also encourage everyone to create a holidays, fun holidays, weird holidays, food holidays, or any day that deserves to be celebrated and submit it to our website with some description of the holiday and reason for celebration and some photos that they would like to share for the books.

We try our best to keep our blog up-to-date and share in on social media to reach more people out there that they can also share on their networks. 

Our Story

It all started in 2009 as a hobby that we can look back on and share with others, but remembering all those days, just makes the calendar full, so why not share them to the world.  But to some circumstances, in 2010, the website did not thrive and stop due to lack of updates. 

In August 2018,  we decided to re-launch the website and start blogging again.  CelebrateWhat.com came back and just started and excerpted holidays from different sites while everything is still being re-created.  Today, we are a full blog website trying our best to celebrate and discuss every holiday and event, fun holidays, food holidays, or historical events based on all the existing holidays giving a chance for people to remember them and commemorate it and bring awareness to all.

I hope you enjoy visiting our blog site and if your interested to post your own holiday that we don’t recognize, just send us an email.