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National Mango Day!

TODAY we celebrate one of my favorite tropical fruit: It’s National Mango Day!

Today, you can find mangoes in many countries in different varieties too. In some countries, mangoes have a part in their cultural identity and are sometimes celebrated during annual events or holidays.

Mangoes are just a pleasure to eat especially when it’s ripe. You can enjoy it when you include it in fruit salads. It is delicious with salsa, or you can have a refreshing smoothie.

They are packed with nutritional benefits and excellent sources of vitamins A and C. They promote healthy skin and a robust immune system. They contain fiber too, which aids in digestion that helps promote a healthy gut.

Mangoes have different varieties grown around the world, with their unique taste, color, size, and shape. Some of the popular and well-known mangoes are:

  1. The Alphonso mangoes are considered the “king of mangoes” for their exceptional sweetness, smooth texture, and rich aroma. They have golden-yellow skin and are often used in desserts and juices.  They originated from India.
  2. The Tommy Atkins is a variety widely grown in the United States, Mexico, and other tropical regions. They have reddish skin with green and yellow accents. They are sweet and juicy, often used in fresh consumption and processed products.
  3. The Kent mango is a popular variety from Florida, Mexico, and other countries. They are large, juicy, and have a sweet and slightly tangy flavor. The skin is green with some red blush when ripe.
  4. The Manila (Carabao) which originates from the Philippines, Manila mangoes are sweet, fragrant, and fiberless. They are an important export fruit and are enjoyed fresh or used in desserts and shakes.
  5. The Katchamita mango is also popular in the Philippines known as the Indian mango.  These mangoes are smaller and rounder than carabao. It is also best eaten unripe or green.

These are just a few examples of mango varieties around the world to mention all of them. Every variety has its own fan base, and the joy of exploring the diverse flavors and textures of mangoes is a delightful experience for fruit enthusiasts.

Mangoes are more than just a fruit; it’s a sensory adventure that transports us to a tropical paradise with every bite. Mango season is here, so, today, take a moment to indulge with this sumptuous delight. Enjoy the flavors, and cherish its history. Let the magic of mangoes brighten your days. After all, there’s nothing quite like the marvelous mango—a true tropical delight. Enjoy!